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5 excellences of a martyr

(1) Every Muslim will enter Heaven after he has presented his deeds and when they enter their grave, the window of Heaven is opened to them. However, a martyr enters Heaven immediately after he or she dies. They travel around Heaven and are also presented sustenance.

(2) The martyr is protected from the questions which are asked within the grave.

(3) The martyr leaves in such a pure state that it is as if he was born on the same day.

(4) The martyr is able to intercede for nearly 70 people.

(5) The martyr is protected against panic which would be seen on the Day of Judgment. 

Dear Islamic brothers! The Islamic sisters who were martyred in the tragedy at Faizan-e-Madina on Sunday the 10th of Rabi-un-Noor 1427h (9/4/06) are also included among the martyrs. They were on the path of Allah; they presented themselves to seek Islamic knowledge. Mufti Ahmed Yaar Khan states, 'There are many types of martyrdom, yet the first status of martyrdom is (to have died) in the path of Allah while serving the religion of Islam.' (Tafseer-e-Naeemi, V2, P88, Maktaba-e-Islamiyyah - Lahore)

As for those individuals who did not die but were seriously injured, they too are entitled for immense divine reward.

5 statements of the Holy Prophet 

(1) 'Whoever receives a wound in the path of Allah will arrive on the Day of Judgment where the wound will smell like musk and the colour of the wound would be like saffron. He will also have the seal of a martyr on him. Whoever sincerely seeks martyrdom in the path of Allah , Allah will bless him with the reward of martyrdom even though he died while he was on his bed.' (Al Ihsaan bi tarteeb ibn Habbaan, V5, P77, Hadith 3181, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

(2) 'Allah does not mix the dust from walking in the path of Allah with the smoke from Hell in one stomach. He who has been smeared with the dust of having walked in the path of Allah , Allah makes his entire body Haraam upon the fire of Hell. He who has fasted while being in the path of Allah , Allah distances that person from the fire of Hell equal to a thousand years travelled on a speedy horse. He who receives a wound in the path of Allah , receives the seal of martyrdom and this will be Noor for him on the Day of Judgment. The colour of this wound would be like saffron and the smell would be like musk. He would be recognised by those who came before him and after him who would say that this person has a seal of martyrdom on him. He who fights in the path of Allah even as little as the time in between two drinks of milk by a baby camel, Heaven has become Wajib.' (musnad Imaam Ahmed musnad Abi Darda, V10, P420, Hadith 27573, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

(3) 'With Allah عَزَّوَجَل, there are no two droplets more beloved and no two footsteps more beloved. The two droplets are (1) those tears which fall with the fear of Allah and (2) the droplets of blood which are shed in the path of Allah . The two footsteps are (1) the footsteps which walk in the path of Allah and (2) the footsteps which walk to complete a Fard act.' (Tirmidhi, V3, P253, Hadith 1675, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

(4) 'The person who is injured in the path of Allah will appear on the Day of Judgment while his wounds would be bleeding red blood. The smell of this would be like musk.' (Bukhari, V3, P566, Hadith 5533, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyah Beirut Lebanon)

(5) 'That person who is wounded in the path of Allah , and Allah certainly knows that person who is wounded in His path. When that person appears on the Day of Judgment, his wound would become fresh. The colour would be like blood; however, the smell would be like musk. (Tirmidhi, V3, P235, Hadith 1638)

Mufti Ahmed Yaar Khan , whilst explaining Hadith No. 5 says, 'The author of Mirqaat has stated that this refers to those people who were involved in Jihad against the disbelievers, were injured by highwaymen and renegades and were injured while spreading Islam. All of them will receive this reward which has been mentioned in the Hadith Shareef. On the Day of Judgment, their wounds would be red and it would be dripping with blood. However, on that day, there would be no pain. The sign of them being a Mujahid would be this dripping blood. This oozing blood would neither be unclean, nor would it be smelly. In fact, the sweet scent of this wound would cause surprise among the people on the Day of Judgment and because of this, they would respect the Mujahid. If this is the state of someone who has merely been injured in the path of Allah , what must be the state of that person who has actually died in the path of Allah ! This sweet scent and smell would be because of their worship like how the smell which comes from the mouth of a person who is fasting is more loved by Allah than the smell of musk. (Mi'raa-tul-Manaajih, V5, P467)

Dear Islamic Brothers! Death is a fact. The time and place of death has been already appointed. There is no doubt that no one can be saved from death. This is clearly mentioned in Sura Jumu'ah, verse 8,

Translation Kanzul-Imaan: Proclaim (Oh dear Prophet Muhammad , 'Indeed death which you runconfront you.


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