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12) Madani In'aamaat: To make Islamic brothers and sisters and students strict upon the faraidh, wajibaat, sunan, desirable acts and to improve their manners and to save them from sins, Madani In'aamaat were created. Many Islamic brothers, sisters and students act upon the Madani In'aamaat and whilst doing 'Fikr-e-Madina' take account of their deeds and fill in the pocket size card/booklet.

13) Madani Muzakraat (Questions and answers): Sometimes, Ijtima'aat are organised in which questions regarding beliefs, Shariah, history, science, spirituality etc. are asked and they are answered. (These questions are answered by Ameer-e-AhleSunnat Majlis Maktaba-tul-Madina)

14) Spiritual cure and Istikhaara: Upset Muslims are cured using Ta'weez free of charge. There is also a system of Istikhaara. Thousands of Muslims benefit from this on a daily basis.

15) Training for Hujjaj: Mubaligheen train Hajis in special Haji camps during the Hajj season. To help the travellers of Madina, free books are presented.

16) Educational institutes: Madani work is also taking place in educational institutes such as Madrassay, schools, colleges and universities. Many students attend the Ijtima'aat and also travel on Madani Qafilay. Alhamdu-Lillah many students who just cared about worldly knowledge have now become regular in praying Salaah and have started acting upon the Sunnah.

17) Jamia-tul-Madina: Many jamiaat by the name of Jamia-tul-Madina have been setup. Through these, many Islamic brothers (accommodation and food is provided) are taught 'Dars-e-Nizami' (Alim course) and Alima course for Islamic sisters free of charge. Examinations are conducted by Tanzeem-ul-Madaaris (Pakistan) which is in charge of all AhleSunnat Madrassay in Pakistan. In these tests, the students of Jamia-tul-Madina achieve high marks and approximately every year achieve first, second or third place.

18) Madrassa-tul-Madina: All around the world, Madrassay by the name of 'Madrassa-tul-Madina' are being run where Hifz and Nazra are taught. In Pakistan alone, approximately 42,000 students are doing Hifz and Nazra free of charge.

19) Madrassa-tul-Madina: (Adults): Similarly, Madrassa-tul-Madina for adults take place in various Masajid usually after Isha where Islamic brothers are taught the Holy Qur'an with correct pronunciation, learn Duas, correct their Salaah and are taught Sunan free of charge.

20) Hospitals: Hospitals have been setup where students and Madani staff are treated free of charge. If necessary they are admitted and if needed, they are taken to bigger hospitals for treatment.


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