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Important ruling regarding joint Qurbani

It is important that the meat from a sacrificed cow is weighed. Estimating it is not allowed. It is not enough to happily forgive each other if someone gets more or less. (mulakhkhas az Bahar-e-Shariat, Part 15, P136) However, if everyone lives in one house and will sit together and eat or if someone does not want their share, it is not necessary to weigh the meat.

The Heelah of distributing meat by estimation

If the participants want to take their share of the meat, then to avoid the trouble of weighing the meat, there are two heelay (ways) about it. (1) After the slaughter, give the entire meat of the cow as a gift to a mature adult Muslim who did not have a share in their Qurbani. This Muslim is permitted to distribute the meat on the basis of estimation. (2) The second method is easier. Scholars' say that at the time of distributing the meat, if you include another part (e.g. heart, liver, brain etc.) inside the meat, it can also be divided and distributed on the basis of estimation. But while distributing, it is important that every person gets a part of everything (heart, liver, spleen, head and feet etc.). (dur-e-mukhtaar ma' rad-dul-muhtaar, V9, P460) If a lot of things are added, it is not necessary to give a part of every one. It is enough to just give one thing with the meat. For example, if the spleen, liver and head and feet are added, it is enough to give one person the spleen with the meat, another person the liver, the head to someone else and the feet to someone else. It is also permissible to give a bit of each part to every person.

Guidelines for the  joint Qurbani institutions

Those religious, social and welfare centres who with the blessed enthusiasm of serving the Muslims, arrange for joint Qurbani are politely requested that when distributing the meat of a cow among participants, always remember the Islamic laws & rulings. In'shaa Allah you will be prosperous in both worlds.

Guidelines for those having their Qurbani done through institutions

Please pay attention; this is a Shari' matter. Your Qurbani could be wasted through carelessness and hence make you sinful. Therefore, only contact those Sunni centres which are very precautious and careful of the Shari' rulings that are applicable. Whoever you authorise for your share, instead of demanding it from him, permit and authorise him in the following described way. In'shaa Allah , this way, both people will not be endangered of sinning, otherwise, even the slightest bit of carelessness and neglect can result in sins. As a precautious method, the following should be said (or even better if read) if you are having Qurbani done by an institute or centre, 'I give full permission for the expense of purchasing the Qurbani animal to its slaughter (e.g. travel fare, animal's nourishment, wage of the butcher etc. and its meat, skin, chain, rope, bells etc.) to be given to whoever it seems necessary and any money left over to spent on any permissible task.' (By acting upon this, In'shaa-Allah all participants will remain safe from committing sin.) When the Qurbani is done, your deputy (one you authorised to perform your Qurbani) is allowed to give you the amount of meat he wishes, and generally speaking they do give the meat, besides, what are they going to do with so much meat!


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