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Appeal to be merciful on the animals

Before dropping the cow, make sure you are facing the Qibla first. To drag the animal before the sacrifice for facing Qibla is painful. Cut four veins during the sacrifice or at least three. Don't cut any more than this because the knife may touch the neck joint which may cause unnecessary suffering. Until the animal is completely cold, do not cut its feet and do not remove its skin. Don't do anything until the soul has completely left the body. Some people, in order to make the cow 'colder' a lot quicker, remove the skin from the neck, push the knife in and cut the veins by the heart. Similarly, some people split open the head of a goat straight after the sacrifice. Don't do acts of cruelty upon those which cannot speak. Whoever can do so should stop a person from being cruel to animals. It is stated in Bahar-e-Shariat, Part 16, P259 that, 'To be cruel to an animal is worse than being cruel to a dhimmi kaafir (the one who is under the protection of an Islamic government and liable to pay tax to them) (all the kaafir in the world are now harbi (not dhimmi)) and to be cruel to a dhimmi kaafir is worse than being cruel to a Muslim because animals have no helper other than Allah . Who will save that poor animal from cruelty!'

How is it to enjoy watching the moment of sacrifice?

It is Sunnah to slaughter the animal of Qurbani with your own hand and also Sunnah to remain present at the time of slaughter with the intention of gaining benefit & virtues for the hereafter. To surround the Qurbani animal for pleasure and to enjoy the moments of sacrifice and the vigorous movements of the animal, then to laugh over it or to make a big scene of it is a sign of negligence. When slaughtering or authorising someone to slaughter for you in your presence, it is important that you remain stood with the intention of acting on a Sunnah and also perform the following intention as well, 'Like I am sacrificing an animal for the pleasure of Allah , as and when required, I will even sacrifice my life for the pleasure of Allah ', also intend, 'Upon slaughtering the animal, I am also slaughtering my evil desires and from now on I will refrain from sins & transgressions.' He should show mercy and affection for the sacrificial animal and should carefully think to himself that what if I was sacrificed at this very place, what will be my state? At the time of slaughter, it is a virtuous deed to show mercy and affection for the sacrificial animal. Once, a blessed companion politely asked, 'Oh Messenger of Allah  ! I feel mercy and affection upon slaughtering a goat.' He replied, 'if you will show mercy for it, Allah will show mercy to you.' (Musnad Imam Ahmad, V5 P304, Hadith 15592, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)


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