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12 Madani Flowers regarding Qurbani

1.     Qurbani is Wajib upon every adult Muslim male and female who is sane, not a traveller, and is owner of Nisaab. (Fatawa Alamgiri, V5, P292, Quetta)

2.     What usually happens is that a single goat is sacrificed on behalf of all the family members even though Qurbani was Wajib upon the family members individually, as they were owners of Nisaab. Qurbani should be given individually for all these people. (az faadaat:- Fatawa-e-Razaviya New edition, V20 P369)

3.     A single cow, bull, buffalo and camel will be sufficient for seven sacrifices. (Fatawa Alamgiri, V5, P304, Quetta)

4.     Although it is not Wajib to perform Qurbani on behalf of a child, it is preferable to do so and there is no need for his permission. If you want to perform Qurbani on behalf of your wife or adult children, you must ask their permission otherwise their Wajib will not be completed. (Fatawa Alamgiri, V5, P304, Quetta / Bahar-e-Shariat, Part 15, P134, Madina-tul-Murshid, Bareilly Shareef) There are two types of permissions: (1) Clear. For example, somebody clearly says perform Qurbani on my behalf, (2) Evidential. It is understood that a person does Qurbani for his wife or children and they are aware and happy about it. (Fatawa AhleSunnat, unpublished)

5.     It is compulsory to perform Qurbani within its fixed days and time. Anything else cannot be an alternative to it, e.g. instead of performing Qurbani, to give the value of a goat in the form of money is insufficient. (Fatawa Alamgiri, V5, P293)

6.     Age of a Qurbani animal :- A camel has to be 5 years old, a cow 2 years old, a male or female goat, lamb & sheep has to be at least 1 year old. If the age of the animal is less, the Qurbani is not permissible. If the age of the animal exceeds the required age of sacrifice then not only it will be permissible, it is even better. If a lamb, or a ewe's young (female sheep's young) is very healthy at the age of six months that by looking at it from a distance it looks to be a year old then it can be used for Qurbani. (dur-e-Mukhtaar, V9, P33, Dar-ul-Ma'rifa, Beirut) However, keep in mind that the Qurbani of a six months old lamb is certainly not universal in its permissibility. It is important that it is tall and healthy and that from a distance it assumes to be to a year old. If a six month old lamb or a ewe's young, (even if it is just a single day less than a year) does not assume to be a year old from at a distance, its Qurbani will not be counted.

7.     It is important that the Qurbani animal does not have any faults & defects. If there is minor & insignificant fault with the animal i.e. its ear is torn or pierced then the Qurbani will count but it is Makrooh but if there is a major fault with the animal, the Qurbani will not be counted. (dur-e-Mukhtaar, ma' rad-dul-muhtaar, V9, P536 / Bahar-e-Shariat, Part 15, P140)

8.     An animal which was born without horns can be used as Qurbani, but if it does not have ears from birth, or only has a single ear, its Qurbani is impermissible. (Fatawa Alamgiri, V5, P297, Quetta)

9.     A mad animal or a thin animal that has no marrow in its bones cannot be used for Qurbani. Also an animal which is one-eyed whose defect is obvious, a sick animal whose sickness is obvious, a lame animal whose limp is obvious and travels to the designated place of Qurbani with difficulty, an animal whose ear, tail, are cut more than a 1/3, is toothless, has cut teats, dry teats or has a cut nose cannot be used for Qurbani. For a goat, one teat to be dry, and for a cow or a buffalo two teats to be dry are enough to suggest its impermissibility for Qurbani. (Dur-e-Mukhtaar, ma' rad-dul-muhtaar, V9, P535 / Bahar-e-Shariat, Part 15, P140)

10. It is preferable for a Muslim to slaughter the animal of his Qurbani with his own hands. However, if he is unable to slaughter the animal himself, or does not want to do so for some reason, he can request another person to slaughter it on his behalf. In this case, it is more preferable that he be present at the time of slaughter. (Fatawa Alamgiri, V5, P300, Quetta)

11. Qurbani has been done and you discover that the animal was pregnant and the young one comes out alive then it should also be slaughtered. It is permissible to consume its meat. If the young one is dead, it should be disposed of. (Bahar-e-Shariat, Part 15, P146, Madina-tul-Murshid, Bareli Shareef) (If a dead young one was taken out, the validity of the Qurbani still remains and the meat is perfectly fine to consume)

12. If you had asked someone else to sacrifice the animal for you and you also placed your own hand upon the knife so that both may slaughter it together, it is Wajib for both of you to recite . If even one person had intentionally avoided reciting the blessed name Allah when slaughtering an animal thinking to himself that 'the next person has recited it so I don't need to' then that animal is not Halaal. (dur-e-mukhtaar, V9, P551, Dar-ul-Ma'rifa Beirut)


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