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21) Takhassus fil Fiqah: Meaning 'Mufti course'. This is also underway and many Ulema are studying this.

22) Shariat course: To learn the important points of Islam, this course has been started where Islamic brothers attend. This course has also been started amongst Islamic sisters. A special book by the name of 'Nisab-e-Shariat' (Part 1) has been written by 'Majlis-e-Tehqeeqaat-e-Shar'ia' for this course which can be purchased from all the branches of Maktaba-tul-Madina.

23) Majlis-e-Tehqeeqaat-e-Shar'ia: To find the solution to new religious problems, this Majlis has been setup and is being run by Mubaligheen and Muftis.

24) Dar-ul-Ifta AhleSunnat: To resolve Islamic problems amongst Muslims, many 'Dar-ul-Ifta' have been setup where the Mubaligheen Muftis solve the problems face to face, in written and through the letters. Usually the fatway are typed on a PC.

25) Internet: The message of Islam is being spread all over the world through the website,

26) Online Dar-ul-Ifta AhleSunnat: Questions asked by people from all around the world are answered on the website. Allegations made by non-Muslims are also answered and they are presented with an invitation to Islam.

27) Maktaba-tul-Madina and Madina-tul-Ilmia: Through these two institutes, the books of AlaHazrat and various other AhleSunnat scholars are presented to the community. Alhamdu-Lillah Dawat-e-Islami has also started its own printing press. Millions of Bayan cassettes and Madani Muzakray are also being sent all around the world.

28) Majlis-e-Tafteesh books and booklets: Due to the wrong books being printed and distributed amongst the community, wrong beliefs and sinful actions have become common. Keeping this in mind, this Majlis was setup. This Majlis checks the books and their content and approves them.

29) Various courses: To train Mubaligheen, various courses also take place for example 41 day Madani Qafila course, 63 day Tarbiyati course (training course) 30 day training course for the deaf and dumb, Imaamat course, Mudarris course etc.


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