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Piebald horse rider 

The excellence of Durood Shareef

The Holy Prophet said, 'Perform the fardh Hajj, for indeed, its virtues and excellences exceed the virtues of participating in 20 Ghazwaat (these were the blessed battles in which the noble prophet participated in himself) and to recite Durood Shareef upon me is equal to this (in virtue). (Firdaus-ul-Akhbaar, V2, P207, Hadith 2484, Dar-ul-Kitaab-ul-Arabi Beirut)


Piebald horse rider

Sayyiduna Ahmad bin Is'haaq says, 'My brother, in spite of facing poverty, performed Qurbani (sacrifice) on Baqar Eid annually, to attain the pleasure of Allah . After his death, I dreamt that the Day of Judgement had been established and people have emerged from their graves. All of a sudden, I saw that my deceased brother was riding on a piebald horse and with him were numerous other horses. I asked him  'Oh brother! How did Allah deal with you?' He replied, 'Allah has forgiven me' I asked, 'Due to which action?' He replied, 'Once, I gave one Dirham to a poor old woman with the intention of receiving virtues. That offering has benefited me.' I then asked him, 'And these horses?' He said, 'Well, these horses are in fact my Baqar Eid sacrifices and this particular horse, which I am riding upon, is my very first sacrifice.' I then asked, 'Where are you heading towards?' He replied, 'Heaven.' After saying this, he disappeared from my sight. (Durra-tun'naasiheen, P 290, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

May Allah have mercy upon them and forgive us for their sake.


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