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The enthusiasm of the Muslims in the first century regarding Friday

Hujja-tul-Islam Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad Ghazali says, 'During the first century, the streets would be crowded with people at the time of sehri and after Salaa-tul-Fajr. They would have lights in their hands and would be walking towards the central Masjid for the Friday Salaah. It would seem as if it was the day of Eid, but then it came to an end. They say that the very first innovation to have crept into Islam is abandoning rushing towards the central Masjid. Unfortunately, Muslims do not take warning from the Jews who head for their temples early in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays and shopkeepers and traders head towards the marketplace early in the morning in their wish to earn wealth. Why don't the seekers of the after life compete with them?' (Ihya-ul-Uloom, V1, P246 Dar-us-Saadir Beirut)

Hajj (pilgrimage) of the poor

Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Abbas narrates that the Messenger of Allah said, meaning that Friday Salaah is the Hajj of the poor. (Kanzul Ummal, V7, P290, Hadith 21027-21028, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyah Beirut)

Rushing towards Friday Salaah is Hajj

The Holy Prophet said, 'There is one Hajj and one Umra for you in every Friday. Rushing for Friday Salaah is Hajj and waiting for Asr Salaah after Friday Salaah is Umra.' (as sunna-nul-kubra lil Baihaqi, Hadith 5980, V3, P342, Dar-ul-kutubul Ilmiyah Beirut)

The reward of Hajj and Umra

Hujja-tul-Islam Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad Ghazali says, 'One should remain in the Masjid (after Friday Salaah) until Salaa-tul-Asr. Remaining there until Salaa-tul-Maghrib is even better. They say that if one was to remain in the Jami' (central) Masjid (after Friday Salaah) and perform his Salaa-tul-Asr there, he will earn the reward for performing Hajj and if one was to remain there until Salaa-tul-Maghrib (and perform it), he will earn the reward of performing Hajj and Umra.' (Ihya-ul-Uloom, V1, P249 Dar-us-Saadir Beirut) A Jami' Masjid is one where Friday Salaah is offered.

The king of days

The Holy Prophet said, 'Friday is the king of all days and the greatest in the sight of Allah . In the sight of Allah , it is greater than Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr. This day is special for five reasons: (1) This is the day that Sayyiduna Adam was created (2) He descended upon the earth on this same day (3) and He passed away on this same day (4) There is a moment within this day in which any wish a person makes will be granted, as long as he does not ask for anything Haraam (5) Judgement day will be a Friday. There is no Angel, sky, earth, wind, mountain, or river that does not fear Friday. (Sunan ibn-e-Majah, V2, P8, Hadith 1084, Dar-ul-Ma'rifa Beirut)

Another report mentions that the Holy Prophet said, 'There is no animal, except man and jinn, which does not scream from morning to sunrise every Friday, due to fear of the Day of Judgement.' (muwatta Imam Malik, V1, P115, Hadith 246, Dar-ul-Ma'rifa Beirut)


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