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It is a Sunnah to face hardships in the path of Allah (az'zawajal)

My Dear Islamic Brothers!  Did you see?  The sort of hardships our Madani Lord (sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa aalihi wa’sallam) suffered just for the sake of Islam and all this happened after openly preaching Islam.  Therefore, when an Islamic brother gives Naikey ki Dawat to someone, and if due to this reason he has to suffer some hardships, he should think of the hardships faced by the beloved Prophet (sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa aalihi wa’sallam) because of preaching Islam and he should thank Allah (az'zawajal) because Allah (az'zawajal) made it possible for him to face these problems just for the cause of Islam, and he has practiced the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa aalihi wa’sallam).  Insha-Allah (az'zawajal), in this way the Shaitaan will be defeated and it will be easy for the person to be patient.  It is a fact that facing hardships in the path which leads to Allah (az'zawajal) is a Sunnah, and being patient is also a Sunnah, and carrying on the process of Naikey ki Dawat even after facing problems is also a Sunnah.  How I wish we adopt the practice of these Sunnats.


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