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It is a Sunnah to travel to preach

My Dear Islamic Brothers!  It is a fact that everyone knows that preaching the religion and coming out of the house for this and travelling for this purpose, tolerating the problems arising in this path are all beautiful Sunnats of our wonderful Mustafa (sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa aalihi wa’sallam).  I wish that we are bestowed with mercy and become the ones who practice this Sunnah and come out of the house to preach about the Qur’an and Sunnah.  I wish that we travel for this and learn to be patient when we face all the hardships on this path.  My brothers!  For the sake of worldly gains we are willing to stay away from our homes for ages, are we not going to give the sacrifice of only a few days for the sake of the religion of Allah (az'zawajal)? 


It is my sincere plea to all those Muslims who have a hurt for Islam in their hearts that wherever you are in the world and you see the Qafilay of Dawat-e-Islami, you should spend some time with them and if Allah (az'zawajal) gives you the opportunity, take part in the journey and earn a lot of reward.


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