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Thought of death

Thinking of death whilst being negligent will not help us in any way as we see funerals all the time and sometimes we even lower the person into their grave. The best way to think about death is to sit alone and purify the mind of all worldly thoughts. Try and picture the faces of those friends, relatives and loved ones who have died. Whilst picturing their faces, think of how busy they were in their worldly jobs, how they were trying to improve their status in society by getting a high level of education and how they had dreams for their worldly future. They would face many difficulties and troubles for their worldly business. They kept themselves busy in just worldly tasks. They loved the luxuries of the world and found its resting time pleasant. They were living their lives as if they were never going to die and were lost in worldly play. Their shroud had already arrived in the market but they were unaware and were lost in worldly wonders. In this unawareness they were suddenly taken by death and were put into their grave. Their parents were overcome by sadness, their widows had nobody to support them, their children were left crying, their dreams were shattered, their long hopes were destroyed and all their worldly tasks were left unfinished. Their worldly efforts have gone to waste. Their next of kin have forgotten all about them. After thinking about all this, start imagining their state in the grave and how only their bones must be remaining. How their faces must be deformed. Whenever they would smile, it would seem as if a flower was blooming, but now their teeth must be rotten and must have fallen out and their mouth will be full of pus. Their big beautiful eyes must have burst and would have oozed all over their cheeks. Their silk-like hair must have fallen off. They will have maggots crawling in their delicate noses. Their lips which looked like rose petals will have been eaten by the worms. Those little innocent children who would cheer up the most depressed person just by talking will have insects stuck to their tongue. The muscular and well-built body of the youngster would have been reduced to nothing. All the joints must have been separated.

After imagining this, think that this will also be happening to me in a short while. Very shortly, I will feel the pains of death, my eyes will be looking at the ceiling and all my loved ones will be there. My mother will be crying out, 'My beloved, my beloved'. My father will be shouting out, 'My son, my son'. Sisters will be heard screaming, 'My brother, my brother'. Loved ones will be crying and screaming. In this noise, my soul will be removed. Somebody will step forward and close my eyes and will cover my face with material. The ghus'saal will be called, he will put me on the platform and give me ghusl and then wrap me in the shroud. Through tears and screams, my funeral will leave that house where I spent all my life. Those who were proud of me until yesterday will pick up my body and will head towards the graveyard. I will be lowered into the grave and my loved ones will put soil on me with their hands. They will leave me all alone in the loneliness of the grave and no-one will keep me company by sitting at the graveside. My body will then begin to rot and decay in the grave. Worms will start to eat it. Will the worms eat my right eye first or my left? Will they eat my tongue first or my lips? The worms will be squirming and wriggling all over my body with such freedom. They will be going into my nose, eyes and ears. Think about all this and about the arrival of the angels, their questions and about the punishment of the grave.

By thinking about death this way through Fikr-e-Madina, you will In'shaa-Allah begin to prepare yourself for death. You will want to do as many good deeds as possible and will stay away from sins.

To remember death, listen to the cassette 'Deserted Palace' at least once every month whilst sitting alone or whilst sitting in the dark. In'shaa-Allah عَزَّوَجَل it will be very useful.

My Dear Islamic Brothers!  Our pious ancestors always thought about death, the grave and the Hereafter. It is for this reason that they avoided sins and were always ready to do good deeds and instead of engrossing themselves in this ending world, they cried in the fear of Allah .


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