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Started crying after seeing a splendid home

One day, Sayyiduna ibn'e Mu'tee saw his splendid house and became very happy but then started crying.  He said, 'Oh beautiful home!  If there was no death I would be happy with you.  If I didn't have to go in my tight grave I would be indulging myself in the beauties of this world.'  After saying this he started to cry again. (it'tahaafus saadaatil muttaqeen, V14, P32, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiya)

The Angel of death said

It is narrated that the angel of death Izraeel appeared to take someone's soul.  He asked 'Who are you?'  The angel of death replied, 'I am he who cannot be stopped by the guards of a palace and he who does not accept or take bribery.'  That person said, 'Then you must be Izraeel .  I haven't even prepared for death and the Hereafter.'  He said, 'Oh person!  Where is your so-and-so neighbour?  Where is your so-and-so friend?'  He replied that they are dead.  He said, 'Did you not learn a lesson from their death and think that you should start preparing for your own death?'  His soul was then removed from his body. (almustatrif, V2, P474, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

My Dear Islamic Brothers!  Successful and clever is he who sees other people dying and thinks of his own death and starts preparing for the grave and the Hereafter.  Our pious ancestors said, 'Fortunate is he who learns from others.' (it'tahaafus saadaatil muttaqeen,V14, P32, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiya Beirut)


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