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Inscription serving as a warning

Sayyiduna Abu Zakariya Teemi says, 'Khalifa Sulaimaan bin Abdul Malik was in Masjid-e-Haram when a rock with an inscription was brought to him. He called for a person who could read the inscription. A while later, Hazrat'e Wahb bin Munab'bhi came and read the inscription. It said, 'Oh son of Aadam!  If you knew how close death was, you would stop making long plans and would not dream about earning worldly wealth. (Remember!) If your feet slip, you will be embarrassed and ashamed on the Day of Judgment.  Your friends and family will be fed up with you and will leave you in pain and distress. You will be separated from your mother and father and your loved ones. Your children and your close relations won't help you. You won't be able to return to the world and neither will you be able to do any more good deeds. Prepare something for the Hereafter before that time of embarrassment comes.' (dammul hawa, Chapter 50, P498, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiya Beirut)

My Dear Islamic Brothers! The clever individual should take an account of his time already spent on this world and should sincerely repent for any sins he has committed. He should forget that he is going to live in this world for a long time and should start performing good deeds for his grave and the Hereafter. Don't leave good deeds and start committing sins for your family and friends or for money because nothing will prove to be useful in the grave, the Hereafter and even in this world other than good deeds.

My Dear Islamic Brothers! We can only start worrying about the Hereafter when we always think about death and when we lose the love for all worldly things from our hearts. Whenever you see something worldly and get happy you should think straightaway that very soon this will end or I will have to leave this behind.


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