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Tall home demolished!

Sayyiduna Anas narrates that once we went with The Prophet . The Prophet saw a tall building and asked, 'What is this?' Somebody said that this is the home of so and so person. After hearing this, The Prophet didn't say anything. The owner of the building returned and gave Salaam to The Prophet in our company. The Prophet turned his face and did not reply. That person did this action many times and found out that The Prophet was upset with him. That person said to the companions that I swear by Allah , I feel that The Prophet is upset. The companions said that The Prophet was walking and they saw your building (meaning we think that they are upset with you because of your building). After hearing this, that person went back to his building and completely demolished it. (sunan abu dawood, Hadith 5237, V4, P402, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

My Dear Islamic Brothers! This is the love of the companions for The Prophet .  The Prophet did not give the order to demolish the building neither did he say that it wasn't allowed but the companion had a feeling that The Prophet is upset with me because of the building and this building is a barrier between me and The Prophet so it was demolished.  This demolishing is not a waste of material neither is it a waste of money but it is to please their Beloved .  If by demolishing a building, the Messenger of Allah gets pleased then definitely, without a doubt, it's a bargain.  Sayyiduna Khaleel was prepared to sacrifice his son for the pleasure of Allah . (sharh mishkaat, V7, P21, Naeemi kutub khaana Gujerat) The Qur'anic story about Sayydina Khaleel and the sacrifice is very famous. This type of situation was especially for these kind of people. Now, a person is not allowed to kill his children due to an order in his dream etc. If he does, he will be liable to enter Hell.


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