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Bamboo hut

It is narrated that Hazrat'e Sayyiduna Nuh started living in a simple hut made of bamboo. Somebody said that it would be better if you had a grand house made. Sayyiduna Nuh replied, 'This is enough for that person who is going to die (who believes in death).' (al'aqdul fareed, V3, P146, dar ahyatut turaathul arabi Beirut)

It is regrettable that we don't think about death but are busy in constructing grand buildings. We are busy furnishing our homes with English style bathrooms, American style kitchens, marble flooring, massive wardrobes and many other modern styles. An Arabian poet has tried to make us understand in the following poem. He writes:

Translation :- (1) (Reality of the world and knowledge of the Hereafter) On the basis of ignorance you are busy in decorating and inhabiting your home and (after you die) maybe a stranger will be the owner of this house.

(2) Whoever is being pulled by days (towards the grave), it is as if he has already met death.  Meaning he will die very soon.

(3) People are lost in hope for worldly gains even though these hopes will be their downfall.

(4) It is up to Allah ta'ala as to how much reward he gives to that youngster who worries (about his grave and Hereafter) day and night and is always preparing for it.

Read the following narration from Abu Da'wood Shareef about how undesirable our Prophet found big and grand homes.


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