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Warning for us all

My Dear Islamic Brothers! This narration of the Deserted Palace and of its residents is a warning to us!  These residents were lost in the love of this world and weren't afraid of their end. They were busy in building big palaces and in decorating them. They were busy in lighting up their homes even though the dark grave was waiting for them. They were lost in the company of their friends and service of their servants and had forgotten about the loneliness and emptiness of the grave. But suddenly, their time came and all hopes of life were lost. Their cheerful and joyful homes were emptied by death. They were taken from their well-lit homes to the dark grave. Until yesterday they were enjoying themselves in the company of their family and friends but today they are depressed and frightened in the deadly silence of the grave.

Trick of the world

At the end of the narration, there are many Madani flowers warning us but regrets for that person who sees the tricks of the world but still gets trapped inside it and forgets about death. Whoever falls into the trap of this world and forgets about his death, his grave and about the Day of Judgement and does not do actions to please Allah is indeed worthy of criticism. To save us from this trick, our Lord is warning us himself. It is stated in Para' 22, Sura' Faatir, verse 5:

Translation from Kanzul-Imaan: Oh mankind!  Surely, the promise of Allah is true.  Therefore, let not the life of this world deceive you and let not the arch deceiver (Devil) deceive you in the respect of Allah .

Indeed, whoever knows about death and the events after that does not fall victim to the tricks of this world.

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