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The world will be destroyed

Once during his speech, Sayyiduna Imam Sha'fiee said, 'Indeed, this world is a place to do errors and the home of dishonour and shame. Its inhabitants will be destroyed and its residents will soon enter their grave. Separation is its achievement and its wealth will soon become its poverty. More is less and less is easiness. Be afraid in the court of Allah ta'ala and repent and be happy with what Allah ta'ala has given you. Count the rewards of the Hereafter instead of the wealth of the world. Your life is like a disappearing shadow and a falling wall. Increase your actions and decrease hope of this world.' (zahd wa qasrul amal, P61, Maktaba-ul-Ghazali Damascus)

Today is the day of action

Whilst performing a sermon in Kufa, Sayyiduna Ali said, 'I am afraid that you will begin to have long hopes. Beware! Following your wishes turns you from the true path. The world will soon turn its back to you and the Hereafter will soon face you. Today is the day of action not accountability and tomorrow will be the day of accountability not action.' (ibid, P58)

World is here to prepare for the Hereafter

During his last sermon, Sayyiduna Uthman also said, 'Allah ta'ala only gave you this world so that you can prepare for the Hereafter and not so that you can get lost in its luxuries. Indeed, the world will end and the Hereafter will always remain.  Don't let the ending world make you negligent of the always remaining Hereafter. Don't give this ending world more priority than the always remaining hereafter because this world will soon be terminated and indeed you will return to Allah . Fear Allah because this will stop the punishment and is a way of getting closer to him.' (ibid)


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