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Deserted Palace


Excellence of Durood Shareef

The Beloved of Allah, The Holy Prophet has said, 'Whoever recites Durood Shareef one thousand times daily will not die until he has seen his home in Heaven.' (At'targheeb wat'tarheeb, Hadith 2483, V2, P499, Dar ibn-e-katheer)


Sayyiduna Junaid Baghdadi says that once I had to go to Kufa.  When I got there I saw a grand and beautiful palace. The doorways were crowded with servants. In the courtyard a woman was singing:-

Meaning: 'Oh house!  May distress never enter you.  May the people living inside you never see destruction.'

A while later, I passed by that same palace again and I saw the doors all dirty, there were no servants and the Deserted Palace showed signs of decay. Instead of the palace full of joy and happiness it showed signs of pain and distress. I asked about the palace and was told that the owner had died and the servants had left. The grand palace had become deserted and the laughter of people was now overcome with a deadly silence.

Sayyiduna Junaid Baghdadi says I knocked the door of the palace and heard an old woman inside. I asked her, 'Where has the grandness and beautification of this palace gone? Where are all the splendours? What happened to the inhabitants?'

Upon hearing my questions, the old woman began to cry and started telling me about the demise of the palace. She said, 'The inhabitants of this palace were only here for a short time. Their destiny took them from this palace to their dark grave. All the items and the wealth of the owner have begun to rot. This is not something new that I am telling you, it is the tradition of this world that whoever enters it and faces happiness will surely one day face the painful reality of death and will be left in the empty graveyard. Whoever is faithful to this world, it will indeed be unfaithful to him.' I said that I was once walking past this palace and a woman was reading:-

Meaning: 'Oh house!  May distress never enter you.  May the people living inside you never see destruction.'

The old woman started crying and said, 'I am that unfortunate woman. I am the only person that has survived in this Deserted Palace.'

After taking a deep sigh she said, 'Regrets for that person who sees what is happening in this ending world but is still ignorant of his own death.' (rauzur rihaan, P110, Dar-ul-Mutba'tul maymanih Egypt)

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