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Sayyiduna Wahb went forward with full speed and whoever came in his way was beheaded. Around him, a pile of heads was being created. The bodies of the enemy could be seen writhing in pain and agony and covered in blood. After a while he changed the direction of his horse and headed towards his mother. He ُ came to his mother and said, 'My dear mother! Are you happy with me now?' He went to his bride who was crying and told her to be patient.  As soon as he had said this, a voice was heard from the battlefield calling out meaning is there anyone to fight? Sayyiduna Wahb mounted his horse and headed towards the battlefield for the second time. The new bride is watching her husband leave as tears fall from her eyes. The Hussaini Groom reached the battlefield within moments and saw that the enemy in the field was the famous warrior and expert rider Hakam bin Tufail who was an experienced fighter in the battlefield. With pride he leapt off his horse. With one attack, Sayyiduna Wahb lifted him with his spear and threw him onto the ground and because of the impact of him hitting the ground, his bones got crushed. There was uproar in both armies and the enemy lost the will power to fight.  Sayyiduna Wahb rode straight into the heart of the enemy. Whichever enemy came in his way was lifted on his spear and smashed onto the ground. So many enemies were killed using the spear that the spear broke into pieces. As soon as it broke into pieces, he took out his sword and beheaded any enemy in the way. When the enemies became fed up of what Sayyiduna Wahb was doing, the enemy leader Umru bin Sa'ad gave the order that all the soldiers should attack at once and from all around. This order of the leader was followed and all the enemies attacked at once. Sayyiduna Wahb was so badly injured by this cowardly attack that he fell to the ground and the black hearted enemy cut of his blessed head and threw it towards the army of Imam Hussain . The mother of Sayyiduna Wahb picked up the head of her son and rubbed it on her face and said, 'Oh son, my brave son, your mother is happy with you now.' The mother then put the head into the lap of the bride. The bride kissed the head and in that very instance her soul left her body and she joined her Hussaini groom.

Meaning may Allah grant you a place in the gardens of Firdous and immerse you in mercy and the river of Ridwaan.  (mulakhkhas az: Sawanih Karbala, P118-123, Shabir brothers Markaz-ul-Auliya Lahore)

My Dear Islamic Brothers! You saw the enthusiasm the AhleBait had and how the Hussaini groom who had only been married for 17 days went into the battlefield and faced the enemy and became entitled to Heaven by being martyred. The mother and wife of the Hussaini groom are also entitled to much praise. Look at how the mother and the wife supported the Hussaini groom and saw him get martyred in the feet of Imaam Hussain . May Allah give even one drop of this enthusiasm to our mothers and sisters so that they can also present their children for the sake of Islam, make them act upon the sunan and make them travel on the Madani Qafilay.


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