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A rule to remember

My Dear Islamic Brothers! Remember! It is important to decide a salary where deciding is expected for instance labour, rent for a house, shop or car, but if a price is already fixed and the people involved already know then deciding again is not needed, for instance when sitting in a hotel there are menus clarifying the prices and the customer is aware of them, or if the prices of food are known buy the customer without having to ask anyone or look at a menu, this also includes bus fares. My Dear Islamic brothers! Unfortunately the majority of us are unaware of such rulings and to know them is absolutely vital otherwise one will commit treachery without even realising what he has done. To develop the desire to learn these things make a habit of travelling in the Sunnah training Qafilay of Dawat-e-Islami punctually and to gain steadfastness, act upon the Madani In'aamaat and do Fikr-e-Madina at night and during this fill in the Madani In'aamaat card and hand it in to your local Nigraan at the end of every month, Inshaa-Allah you will see the blessings of this for your self.

The third piece of merchandise: Treachery

One of Satan's pieces of merchandise is treachery which he sells to women. This does not mean that men are not treacherous. Deceiving people is a sin whether men do it or women. Using deceit to cause harm to Muslims is a majorsin, Haraam and leads to Hell.

The deceiver is cursed

Leader of the Believers, Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq narrates that the Blessed Messenger said, 'One who harms a Muslim or deceives him is cursed'. (Jami' Tirmizi, Hadith 1948, V3, P378, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut) Another narration mentions this saying of the Beloved Prophet , 'One who harms anyone will be harmed by Allah and one who causes difficulties to anyone will be put in difficulty by Allah '. (Ibn-e-Majah, V3, P107, Hadith 2342, Beirut)

No entry into heaven

Our Beloved Prophet has warned, 'One who deceives us is not amongst us, treachery and cheating is of hell'. (Tabarani Kabeer, Hadith 10234, V10, P138, Dar Ihyaitturathil Arabiy Beirut) In another place he said, 'There are three types of people who will not enter paradise; (1) Cheaters (2) Those who remind people of favours (3) Stingy people. (Tirmizi, V3, P388, Hadith 1970, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

Reminding people of favors is harmful

My Dear Islamic Brothers! These days as well as treachery, the illness of reminding people of favours is very common amongst Muslims. Remember! Reminding people of favours ruins the virtue done by doing that favour. For example, in front of others Zaid says to Bakr, 'You should thank me for getting you a job, you should be grateful to me for teaching you how to perform wudu', this way Satan ruins his virtues, in fact teasing hurts a Muslim's emotions. Allah says: -

Translation Kanzul-Iman. O you who believe! Do not make your Almsgiving vain by reproach and injury. (Part 3 Surah Al Baqarah verse 264)


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