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It is fardh upon a trader to learn the rulings of trade

My Dear Islamic brothers! Unfortunately, a huge number of traders commit treachery. It is fardh for a trader to learn the rulings concerning trade in order to make him self aware of what things make his earnings haram. You might think to yourself, 'I take great care to make sure my earnings are Halaal, there's nothing wrong with what I do', but dear Islamic brothers! How can someone be careful when he doesn't even know how to be careful? Sayyiduna Farooq Azam says, 'Only a faqih (learned person) is allowed to enter our market'. (Kimiya-e-Sa'aadat, V1, P309, Intisharat Ganjinah Tehran) Unfortunately, the case is the exact opposite these days, ma'aaz-Allah it is as if people are saying, 'Only cheaters are allowed in our markets'; it is as if noble people are banned from the markets.

How should the rulings of buying and selling be learnt?

Everyone knows about the illegal acts and treachery that takes place in the markets, which is mainly due to being unacquainted with Islamic knowledge and Sunnah of the Blessed Prophet . It is vital that both retailers and consumers instantly learn the rulings related to buying and selling, or else remember each and every thing will be accounted for in the after life, and the wrath of Allah is great indeed. The 11th part of the famous Urdu encyclopaedia of Hanafi Fiqh 'Bahar-e-Shariat' explains this topic in detail. It should be studied carefully by every Muslim and the help of a qualified Sunni scholar should be sought to understand difficult passages. A great way to learn Sunan is by travelling in the Sunnah training Madani Qafilay of Dawat-e-Islami. Travel in Madani Qafilay and earn loads and loads of reward and learn loads of Sunan. This will help you to increase your enthusiasm to study and In'shaa-Allah make sure your earnings are pure and correct your Salaah, fasting and other worship.


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