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Severe punishment for dishonesty

Whenever you are left in trust of money, goods, books etc. you must return them on time. No one will be able to bear the punishment of breaching someone's trust. Hujja-tul-Islam Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad Ghazali says in Mukashifa-tul-Quloob, 'On the day of judgement a man will be brought in the court of Allah and asked, 'Did you return what was trusted to you by so and so?' He will reply in the negative, then by the command of Allah an Angel will take him towards Hell, at the bottom of which he will see what was trusted to him, he will fall inside and reach the bottom 70 years later, he will then lift that thing and begin to climb, when he reaches the top he will slip and fall back down. This climbing and falling will continue until one day through the intercession of the Beloved , Allah will show mercy upon him and the owner will forgive him'.  (Mukashifa-tul-Quloob, P44, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyyah Beirut)

Betraying trust when speaking

My Dear Islamic Brothers! You must remember that as well as wealth, it is also forbidden to breach another person's trust in matters of speech, social affairs and duties. For instance if someone tells you a secret or asks you not to tell anyone his phone number or address (in fact even if he does not mention it clearly but his body language tells you he does not want you to spread the word, for example looking around to make sure no one is listening) but you reveal it (whether it be verbally, literally or using gestures) then you have breached his trust.

Beware oh servants of the nation!

The responsibility of a ruler is to take care of his citizens and establish justice; if he does not fulfil his responsibilities he will have breached the trust of the nation. The President, secretary, governor, chancellors, members of assembly, mayors, police officers etc are all in fact servants of the nation; they are paid from the taxes taken from the public. They might forget who they really are, but in actual fact these positions are like 'wooden sweets' wrapped up in silky wrappers, impossible to chew and digest. These leaders have actually taken a huge risk by taking on these responsibilities, this might be hard to understand at the moment but everyone will understand after death. If any of them is unjust, and has oppressed, filled his pockets by taking advantage of his position, or turned his attention away from the grief of the nation then he has breached their trust. His evil character will probably prevent anyone from saying anything to him at the moment, but how long will he remain in this world for? When the wrath of Allah encompasses these leaders not a single one of them will escape. The consequences of dishonesty are severe indeed in both worlds, dishonest leaders and officers often face disgrace even in this world, their disastrous consequences are portrayed everywhere by the media and the public eventually curses them.


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