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First piece of merchandise: Cruelty

My Dear Islamic brothers! We know now that cruelty, dishonesty, treachery and jealousy are all Satan's merchandise. We have learnt that he sells cruelty to rulers. We know that when a person gains authority he usually deprives the poor and needy of their rights and inflicts oppression upon them instead of enforcing justice, he forgets the fact that Allah is watching his every move. What the previous narration is saying is that cruelty and oppression is committed commonly by rulers and officers of high posts, but remember, it does not mean that only they commit this crime, anyone causing grief or being cruel to a Muslim is a sinner and worthy of punishment in the fire.

It's not too late

You who hurt the feelings of Muslims! You who start storms of oppression and cruelty! You who spray rounds of bullets at Muslims! You who rob Muslim shops! Their homes! Threaten them! Terrorise them and steal their peace from them! Listen carefully! Sayyiduna Abu Musa narrates that the greatest Messenger said, 'Allah lets tyrants run loose, but when he grabs them he does not let go'. (Bukhari, Hadith 4686, V5, P255, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

Signs of an evil man

Sayyidatuna Asma Bint Umais reports that she heard the Blessed Messenger saying, 'One who is arrogant and forgets Allah is very evil, so is the one who oppresses the weak and transgresses limits and forgets the Glorious Allah , and the one who indulges in games and amusements and forgets rotting in his grave, and causes mischief and forgets his beginning, and the one who uses religion to deceive the world, and ruins religion by indulging in doubtful actions, and he who is driven by greed, and is led astray from the straight path by his desires, and the one who is disgraced by his desires (all of them are evil)'. (Tirmizi, V3, P357, Hadith 2448, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyyah Beirut)

Avoid the curse of the oppressed

Sayyiduna Ali reports that the Blessed Messenger said, 'Avoid the curse of the oppressed because he asks Allah for his due right and Allah makes sure that people get their rights'. (Jami' Saghir, V1, P14, Hadith 119, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyyah Beirut)

The helper of the oppressed is the most powerful

My Dear Islamic Brothers! It may seem as if the oppressed is weak in front of the tyrant but remember he is being supported by the Most Powerful Allah , the one who will ultimately take revenge. The oppressed is not alone, even though it may temporarily seem as if he is unaided and helpless. If an oppressed person is patient he will definitely benefit from it because he will be rewarded greatly for his patience, as far as the tyrant is concerned he is in great loss because he constantly piles up his sins due to his cruelty, and invites the wrath of Allah , whether the cruelty be on humans or animals.

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