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Sayings of The Holy Prophet   regarding Durood Shareef

(1)   Whoever recites Durood Shareef upon me once, Allah sends ten mercies upon him. (Sahih Muslim, V1, P166, Qadeemi Kutub Khaana, Karachi)

(2)      The closest to me on the Day of judgement will be the one who recited the most Durood Shareef upon me in the world. (Jamia Tirmizi, V1, P64, Maktaba Dar-ul-Qur'an wal-Hadith, Mutan)

(3)   Whoever recites Durood Shareef upon me once; Allah sends upon him ten mercies and writes ten good deeds in his book of deeds. (Jamia Tirmizi, V1, P64, Maktaba Dar-ul-Quran wal-Hadith, Multan)

(4)      When a Muslim recites Durood Shareef upon me the Angels continuously send mercies upon him. It is the person's choice whether he recites less or more. (Sunan ibn'e Maja, P65, Qadeemi Qutub Khaana, Karachi)

(5)   For the person that praises Allah and then recites Durood Shareef after Namaz it is said 'Supplicate, it will be accepted. Ask for something, it will be granted'. (Sunan An'nisa'e, V1, P189, Qadeemi Qutub Khaana, Baa-bul-Madina Karachi)


(6)   Jibra'eel said to me that Allah says, 'Oh Muhammad !  Are you not happy that when one of your followers sends salaam upon you once I send salaam upon him a hundred times'. (Sunan An'nisa'e, V1,  P191, Qadeemi Qutub Khaana Baa-bul-Madina Karachi)

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