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Nails Hammered into eyes and ears

On the night of ascension the Beloved of Allah saw people with nails hammered into their eyes and ears, on asking what they had done he was told, 'They watched what you did not watch and listened to that which you did not listen to'. (Sharhus Sudoor, P171, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyyah Beirut) Have you heard the consequences of those who watch and listen to haram? Nails had been hammered into their eyes and ears.

Imitating Jews

Attention those people who shave their beards; shaving and reducing the beard to less than a fistful are both Haraam. As mentioned in a Hadith, 'Trim your moustaches and let your beards grow, do not imitate the Jews'. (Tahawi Sharhu Ma'anil Athar, V4, P28, Hadith 6424, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyyah Beirut) Shaving ones beard is declared an act of the Jews by the Blessed Prophet , this is a point to ponder for Muslims. The integrity and love of Muslims has been challenged here. Day in day out our leaders plead that Muslims boycott Jewish consumer products, but they seem to neglect the fact that the faces of most Muslims including these leaders themselves are imitations of Jews, so then why only boycott products? I plead to Muslim leaders and the public in general, boycott imitating the faces of Islam's enemies and make a firm intention to display the sign of your Beloved Prophet's love on your faces.

Punishment of indecent fashion

My Dear Islamic brothers! You must avoid wearing indecent clothes and prohibited fashion because the Holy Prophet said, 'I saw people with their tongues being cut with scissors of fire, on asking what they had done I was told, 'They used prohibited means for fashion'. I also heard screaming from within a ditch that was giving off an extremely foul smell, on asking who those people were I was told, 'Women who used prohibited means to make themselves look beautiful''. (Sharhus Sudoor lis-Suyuti, P168, Beirut)

Oh Lord of Mustafa ! Save us from the actions of Satan especially cruelty, dishonesty, treachery and jealousy .

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