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Definition of ghibtah (rashk)

To desire ones voice to be as good as another's is not jealousy, rather it is called ghibtah ('rashk') and is permissible because in this case one does not desire to see the other person in loss. Jealousy however, consists of the desire to see another person be deprived of a thing and is therefore Haraam.

Destruction of jealousy

The definition of jealousy has already been mentioned, 'Desiring the loss of a prized possession of the mahsood and attainment of it for ones self' (Lisan-ul-Arab, V3, P166). Narrations mention that a jealous person does not be satisfied with the distribution of Allah (Arabaeen of Imam Nawawi, P50), it is as if he is complaining, 'Why has Allah given him this'. A Hadith states, 'Jealousy eats away at good deeds the way fire eats away at wood'. (Ibn-e-Majah, V4, P472, Hadith 4210, Dar-ul-Ma'rifah Beirut)

Jealousy and elections

The affects of jealousy can be observed everywhere in election days. If a candidate does not stand a good chance of winning he will strongly desire that other candidates lose their 'gift' of superiority and that he gains it for himself, even if this means blackmailing, lying, spreading rumours, false accusations, paying voters, or using force etc. Satan will use this candidate and make him commit every minor and major sin there is, he does not bother about disobeying Allah and his Messenger and neither does he bother about the affairs of the after life, neglecting the pains of death, fear of the grave, the troubles of the day of judgement and the flames of hell, all he worries about is a temporary authority. This idiot does not even stop to think that even if he does hurt feelings of people, pay voters, and use all illegal means to win, how long will he maintain his position for?

Crying due to the burden of leadership

Listen carefully! People who are concerned about the after life feel burdened by worldly authorities. The book 'Tarikhul Khulafa' mentions that the wife of Amir-ul-Mo'mineen Sayyiduna Umar bin Abdul Aziz says that the day he became Khalifah he came home, sat on his prayer mat and began to weep and he wept until his blessed beard was soaked with tears, she asked, 'Leader of the believers, why are you crying?' He replied, 'The burden of the whole ummah has been placed upon my shoulders, I am thinking about being questioned by Allah regarding hungry beggars, dying patients, naked, hungry, oppressed prisoners, weak old travellers, children, and caring about all other troubled people and not being able to answer. Worry about this huge burden is making me cry'. (Tarikhul Khulafa, Urdu, P472)

Death is much more painful than being sawn to pieces, boiled in a cauldron, and having your skin torn off alive, it follows you wherever you go and will certainly catch up with you. Death will soon lift you up from your cosy bed in your sweet home and put you into a dark grave where you will sleep on a bed of soil. No status will help you, no authority will save you. Think!

Alhamdu-Lillah ! The message of the International Non Political Propagational movement of Qur'an and Sunnah Dawat-e-Islami has reached approximately 51 countries of the world. The Madani Qafilay of Dawat-e-Islami are spreading the blossoming message of the Sunnah everywhere. We are not part of the politics of any country and neither are we greedy for political status. Our destination is not worldly governments, in fact it is the pleasure of Allah . We do not want leadership, we are seekers of slavery of the Supreme Prophet , we want the crown of dignity of the slavery of Blessed Madina, this great prize will never vanish. By Allah , one who is a slave of Madina has rulers and leaders of the world at his feet.


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