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Disasters of hypocrisy

In a contest, if one comes second and consequently falls jealous of the first position holder or if he comes third and falls jealous of the first two position holders then it is because he believes that the quality of his own recitation was brilliant (out of pride) so he accuses the judges of injustice, and falls prey to accusations, backbiting, suspicions etc. and also falls prey to hypocrisy. This is if he recites a Naat not for the pleasure of Allah and His Blessed Messenger but for a trophy instead or a reward and to have his photo appear in the newspapers and people praising him and giving him gifts. Doing this means he does not earn reward for what is really an act of piety in fact he will probably be punished. These contests are permissible but the participants should reflect upon their intentions.

Please let me read two verses to gain blessing

If there is large gathering somewhere, almost everyone wants to be stood on the stage showing off their talents, if the recitations have been recorded on cassette, one looks for his own recitation (and ignores the other) and if it has not been recorded he will be disappointed, why? And if a Qari or Naat reciter wants his recordings to be sold in shops then how sincere is he? Was the recitation for Allah or for the recording? If there is an echo sound system there will be people asking for permission to read 'a few lines to gain blessing'! My advice is that if you really want blessings, sit alone in your house, think of the blessed green dome, and then read to your self, In'shaa-Allah this will save you from hypocrisy and there will be a great deal of blessings, in fact there will be a whole shower of blessings and your record of deeds will also be filled up: A hint is enough for the wise. May Allah grant us sincerity.

70 times more good deeds for hidden actions

My Dear Islamic Brothers! We should weigh our actions with sincerity. It is mentioned in Hadith that hidden actions are 70 times better than actions done in the open. (Kanzul Ummal, V1, P447, Hadith 1929)

Humiliation for the show off

Indeed there is no good in doing actions to show off. The Holy Prophet has said, 'The show off will be called on the day of judgement: Oh deceiver! Oh show off! Your actions have gone to waste and you have received no reward. Get your reward from that person who you used to perform that action for. (Dar-ul-Mansoor, V1, P30) In another Hadith it is mentioned that Allah will say (regarding the show off), 'This person did not do his actions to please me. Throw him in the fire of Hell.' (Kitabuz Zahd war Qaiq, P153, Hadith 452)


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