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The fourth piece of merchandise: Jealousy

The fourth piece of merchandise that Satan sells is jealousy and like he said himself, he sells this to scholars.

Definition of jealousy

The subject of jealousy is called a hasid and the object of jealousy is the mahsood. The definition of jealousy as is stated in volume 3 of 'Lisan-ul-Arab' (Page 166) is, 'To be jealous is to desire the loss of something prized by the mahsood and to gain possession of it for ones self.'

Definition of jealousy in simple words

My Dear Islamic Brothers! This definition has clearly stated that seeing an object (or quality) possessed by another human and then wishing it for ones self with the desire to see the possessor deprived of it is 'jealousy'. Examples are; not standing the public recognition and fame of a fellow person and therefore hoping to see him disgraced and hoping to achieve the fame for ones own self; seeing a rich man and hoping he loses his wealth and faces poverty and hoping one becomes rich himself.

Madani children teaching us a lesson

Remember! Jealousy is an extremely evil vice and only idiots fall prey to it. Sometimes the children in our homes draw our attention towards this very important issue but we fail to understand. I feel that children often teach us a great deal through their immature actions. If you have children you will probably have seen that when one is picked up, the other begins to cry and hit him, in other words he protests; 'Why have you picked him up? Put him down and pick me up'. This is a brilliant example of jealousy. The child that was picked up was obviously favoured and the second child was crying because he wanted to gain the favour for himself with the first being deprived of it. Infants cannot sin and obviously do such things without understanding but these children are little Madani Mubalighs that are telling us, 'We are children and immature but we are showing you mature humans what jealousy is, jealousy doesn't do us any harm because it's what fools and idiots do anyway, but not avoiding it will cause you a lot of harm in both worlds!'

Jealousy of Naat reciters

Jealousy is present in all types of people, a lot of pious-looking people are also a prey to it and because they do not think. Islamically they remain unaware and continue sinning. Take for example, Naat reciters these days. If one has a very good voice, another who isn't as good will probably fall jealous of him and because people don't pay much attention to him, he might say to himself, 'I wish he has a problem with his voice and I gain fame instead, people mention me in newspapers and on posters, make me sit on the stage, and put necklaces of flowers around my neck and throw money at me'. Ask yourselves, is this not jealousy?' Qur'an and Naat reciters cannot save themselves from Satan, especially in contests, despite the fact that these contests do have a concept of encouragement behind them but each person deeply desires to defeat every one else and prove to be the best reciter. If someone finds himself in second position he will most certainly feel upset and crave for the first position, doesn't he feel, 'Why has this Muslim brother come first? I wish he'd mess up and I get first position'. Is this or is this not jealousy? I leave you to decide the answer. The same happens in Madrassay when some students gain top places and others fall jealous of them wishing they had been in their place. This usually results in suspicions, backbiting, and accusations ('I can't have failed, I spent hours revising, I'm sure the examiner didn't check it properly' etc.)


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