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This speech was delivered by Ameer-e-AhleSunnat on Saturday 22nd Sha'baan 1424 during the three day international Ijtima of Dawat-e-Islami in Sehra-e-Madina (Multan). It has been presented with necessary changes. Ubaid Raza ibn e Attar

 Satans four donkeys

No matter how lazy Satan makes you, read the whole of this Bayan.
In'shaa-Allah you will feel a Madani transformation occurring in your heart

Benefit of Durood Shareef

Sayyiduna Abul Qasim Qushairi narrates that Allah sent a revelation to Sayyiduna Musa saying, 'I created 10,000 ears in you with which you heard my speech and 10,000 tongues with which you spoke to me. You will become beloved to me when you send Durood upon Muhammad '. (ar risalat-ul-Qushairiyyah baabus samaa', P377, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyyah Beirut)

What was on the four donkeys?

It is said that Sayyiduna Isa once saw Satan with four loaded donkeys. He asked him what they were carrying. Satan replied, 'They are carrying my merchandise, one of them is carrying cruelty, another is carrying dishonesty, the third is carrying treachery, and the last one is carrying jealousy.' He asked, 'Who will buy this merchandise?' Satan replied, 'Rulers will buy cruelty, traders will buy dishonesty, women will buy my treachery, and as far as the jealousy is concerned, scholars will buy that'. (Nuzha-tul-Majalis, V2, P53, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyyah Beirut)

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